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Monday, May 2, 2011

A first time blogger's first blog...

Ok putting to rest, all the dilemma and confusion about should i blog or not, here i am with my first blog.

As always being a result oriented person or putting in some crude words like a selfish person, first thing i always used to think what will i get from this blogging. Will anybody ever bother to read my blogs and even if some body dares to do that, would they appreciate it. But i got some motivation when i saw every Tom, dick and harry around me blogging, this provoked me to enter in this rat race, and since now i am in this rat race, i would like to be the fastest rat around...

Once decided to be a blogger, next decision which i need to make is on what should i write, should i start with bashing our corrupt politicians or should i start with singing victory songs of our World Cup Winner Dhoni and Co, but for both of these topics there are thousands of other bloggers around....so after giving too much pain to the grey matter in my brain, i came to this conclusion that why not to start by narrating my not so fasinating but ofcourse worth inspiring journey from a non blogger to a devoted blogger.

So what prompted me to become a blogger, as i mentioned earlier there is not much worthy results i could think of when i decided to enter into this world, but one fine day, when i was killing time by browsing through photos of my graduation days, One wierd expression of mine in one of the photo caught my attention, and how so hard i hought i could not recollect the happenings of that day. Finally tired of trying and feeling pity on my memory, i called up one of my brainy freind, may be he takes Megamind2+ dipped in Shankh pushpi syrup thats how he still remember things i guess.

That night i got the realization of why people write diaries and some how i myself felt an urge to do so and not land up in such pathetic situation again but writing something with pen and paper has never excited me, So only option which was left for me was blogging.

But sooner or later i started realizing many other added advantages which comes along and i knew i have taken a right decision. Blogging helps you re-live those happy moments of your life which you cherished and you recollect all the important deatils of that day. Another benefit is, as we indians have a view in every happening around us, let it be approval of Lokpal bill concerned with driving away corruption from politics or decision taken by Dhoni to play one more batsman in place of a bowler, we have our views. Now problem is, most of the time those views die out among our friends during a bus drive or in a tea shop conversation, but blogging gives you an opportunity to share your gyan among more broader spectrum of people, although it may end up irking some against you.

So guys go on, start blogging and most importantly don't leave when this initial enthusiasm dies out....


  1. buddy ur first blog explains why r u blogging :P
    try making ur sentences more mystical or humorous using common words. Good start btw

  2. Welcome Prakash..... do not be ever bothered whether people are following or commenting on your blogs, just keep writing :))


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