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Friday, December 5, 2014

What we lost because of SACHIN!!

SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR, batsmen who possibly holds every sought after record in batting on modern cricket arena, a cricketer who has carried the burden of Indian batting for more than 25 years, a player who freaks out best of best bowlers in their sleep, a batsmen who has mastered every possible shot of batting bible, played with most accurate technique and who is not only considered as sportsman but work shipped as demi GOD. He holds about every batting record worth owning in the game and compared with the Sir Don Bradman, the greatest cricketer ever. During his playing years, India achieved greater heights on fields and emerged as a team to reckon. Albeit all these achievements, there is something which worked against us cricket frenzy country because of SACHIN!! Sounds unimaginable, but yes true at the same time. 

15th November 1989 when little master took guards for the first time against Pakistan, the day marked the start of a journey which will continue to inspire for next 25 long years. These next 25 years will make spectators shout SACHIN..SACHIN when ever he is on field, will make them breathless when he is close to hundred, known more commonly as nervous 90's, make them switch off their television when he gets out and will also make them rate SACHIN as the only savior of Indian cricket. The records keep breaking and new records created probably to be remain untouched for ever. Riding on his herculean effort team India kept on moving from strength to strength. Spectators were happy, sponsors were minting money, TV channels were making lots of money due to increased viewership and BCCI was gaining clout on international cricket arena.

During these 25 glorified years there is something which SACHIN changed, although neither physically nor voluntarily but it happened in sub conscious mind of every cricket lovers. The country moved from cricket lovers to a die hard fan of SACHIN, for them SACHIN is not just a player but much above this beautiful sport. The impact of this devout worship is evident, India has not produced a single world class bowler for last 25 years, the last Indian bowler who captured the world's imagination was Kapil Dev, after that hardly anyone. Everyone who dreamt of growing up and adore blue jersey, saw himself as SACHIN. Nobody wanted to be a bowler, every one wants to become a batsman like SACHIN.

Digging one step further we will realize the reason behind such frenzy fan following is the success SACHIN enjoyed as a cricketer. He has conquered every peak which a batsman can achieve, in all forms of cricket. This success acted as magnet for future generations, they got blinded by the glitter of this gold and could not see any thing else related to game. And even the same parallel can be said about other sports as well, which ever sports got a Hero, he could inspire the next generation of players. let it be sania Mirza in tennis, Vishy in chess.

No doubt contribution of SACHIN can never be made little and there is no second thought his contribution has gained unimaginable success to Team India but during all this laurels unintently he became a reason of underdevelopment of other sports and also other forms of art apart from batsman ship.

P.S: We love you SACHIN!!.........SACHIN...SACHIN....!!

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