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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Get your Marriage Registered!

Any work or dealing with governments department has left most of us with displeasure and uncomfort. Probably because of long waiting time and prevalent bribery. I am writing this blog to share my experience and learning about the process of marriage registration.

Marriage Registration is compulsory in India and a bill is already tabled in Upper house to make this mandatory. Please read TOI article: Link.

Hindus can get their marriage registered under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Main requirement is both bride and groom should be Hindu and married. I got my marriage registered in Jayanagar 4th Block sub registrar office. Every area has a sub registrar office, visit the office of groom's permanent address.

Procedure and documents required are:

  • Fill Marriage registration form. Form
    • This is just a specimen form. Sub registrar office will give a similar form, infact 3 identical forms which need to be filled
    • Three witnesses are required either from groom or bride side(blood relationship not necessary)
    • Witnesses need not accompany to office
  • 7 joint photos of bride and groom with white or blue background. Size required is 2B
  • Age proof document. Valid documents are birth certificate, passport, 10th marksheet
  • Address proof. Groom should have a valid address proof of the area at which registrar office is located. Bride can show address proof of her hometown. (not sure of vice-versa)
  • Marriage Invitation card
With above documents in proper place, you can directly walk into sub registrar office and get your marriage registered and walk out with certificate with in 3  hours. There is no need of hiring a service of broker. 

There can be few changes in procedures/documents in different sub registrar office but more or less basic procedure remains the same. Main point is, this is a very simple procedure, so please don't shy away from it and get your marriage registered soon.

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